There are many important things that you will need to know before planning your dream wedding. The more you can consider as part of your plan, the more likely your dream wedding will come true. Here are 10 important things to know so you can plan a wedding that everyone will remember.

Plan Well in Advance

The further you ahead you plan, the more you can avoid potentially troubling dates where venues are being used, such as trade shows, conventions, and the like. It is also to make sure that you are able to book the venue that you really want and not end up looking for a venue at the last minute.

Use a Planner

Carry a notebook and compile all the information, notes, and receipts when getting the venue and vendors for your wedding. You may want to consider hiring a wedding organiser to help you because planning a wedding can be a daunting task.


Chances are, the planner you choose will know a florist who knows a caterer and so forth. You can save a considerable amount of time and effort when you network through vendors.

Know the Number of Guests First

Before you find a venue, know roughly how many guests you will have for your wedding. This will help considerably as you will need about 30 square feet for each guest which includes tables, dance floor, band, and enough room to move around.

Capture Those Memories

Weddings are an important occasion and so, you would want to capture those special moments to cherish them for a lifetime. Hiring a photographer, and even a videographer if your budget allows it, is essential to ensure that the photos are taken throughout the event day on your behalf.

Stay Inside

While an outdoor wedding can be beautiful, it can also be hot, cold, rainy, filled with bugs, or other annoyances that might drive your guests away. If you must have it outdoors, get a tent or have an alternate plan for an indoor event.

Stay Within Your Budget by Reducing Guest List

If you are on a budget, keep the guest list to a minimum. This can save you a considerable amount of money for your event. You can compensate by throwing a casual get-together after your honeymoon for those who didn’t get the invite.

Hire a Wedding Organiser

Last, but not least is finding a good wedding organiser and at Axentika we offer the best. We are experienced when it comes to organising various types of events. We offer our services as an event organiser for corporate gatherings, social, and private events, and even do catering. We are also dedicated in providing the best in services to ensure that your nuptials go off without a hitch. Call or contact us through our website so that we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.


How to make your dream wedding happen?

The slow dramatic bridal party, the breathtaking kiss at the altar and the out of this world décor; these are some of the qualities of a dream wedding. A wedding occasion is hardwired into a girl’s mind from the time one is a toddler and all throughout her lifetime. Weddings are joyous, luxurious events where people celebrate the union of lovers.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. The nitty-gritty details are the wedding event's overall framework and hence can be overwhelmingly stressful. So, here are few tips on how to make your dream wedding a fairy tale:

Be on the same side

Weddings can be an intense time for the couple. All the planning and expenses can put a strain on your relationship, and this can lead to misunderstandings. Any little detail out of place can spiral down to a huge disagreement. Not to mention family members butting in to control your wedding.

No need to let out bridezilla. Work together with your partner. It's essential to work and decide things together as a team. Establish an open forum where both of you can present their preferences and make compromises to incorporate most of the ideas.

Find the perfect venue

This is where you utter your vows to each other. It is where you seal your love to each other. Therefore it should be accurate and flawless. The venue lingers in memory long after the ceremony.

The venue sets the mood for the event. Here are important factors to consider when looking for a site:

  • Its ability to accommodate your wedding guests
  • Its location
  • Parking for your guests
  • Ensure the price is worth it.
  • Does it flow with your wedding theme?
  • Will they cancel your event in case of a calamity?
  • Do they refund the deposit in case the wedding is canceled?
  • Can they allow you to reschedule your wedding or reception?

The weather

The weather is a very unpredictable phenomenon. But it is imperative to prepare and plan before setting the wedding date. One can choose a wedding date depending on the type of wedding theme such as summer, winter, spring or autumn wedding.

It's advisable to check the weather on your wedding day and plan for any eventuality just in case the skies decide to pour on you. Keep your guys comfortable with spacious ventilated tents and shades to protect them from the blazing sun.

While checking on how to provide comfort to your guests, make sure your venue is well prepared in case of unfortunate calamities such as fires, hurricanes, etc.

Say “no” to drama

It's an inevitable fact that all of us have that one person in our lives that we don't want at our wedding. While sending out invites, it's crucial to consider such people. No one wants that loud mouth hogging all the attention in your wedding. This is your day, and it should only revolve around one person, you. Put yourself on the front line this time and avoid sending invites to such people.


Capture the memorable moments

This day will linger on your memory for a lifetime. It is important to capture every intricate detail of this day from dawn when you wake up to the end of the event. One needs to keep this moment close to their heart.  The event may only last 24 hours at most, but the memories last forever; so make sure you hire experts to capture the precious moments. Ensure that you avoid any last minute hassles by booking early. Most qualified wedding professionals are usually fully booked, so it's best to inquire early to avoid disappointments. Investigate the photographer's work and make sure it satisfies your expectations. Ask for their price quote to enable you include their fee in your budget.

Take over

Everybody gets to have their special day. Since yours is just around the corner, ensure its one that covers all fantasies. Don't allow friends or family to force their ideas on you. Other people should not influence their opinions on you since this will leave you dissatisfied on your big day.

Sit back and relax

Wedding planning can be taxing to one's peace of mind. Once you feel it's too much, it's okay to pause for a while and take a break to let out the steam. Pamper yourself; a trip to the spa will undoubtedly do a great deal of calming your nerves. Take it easy and remember, sometimes spontaneous events are the best. If you're overwhelmed, don't be ashamed to ask for help from your family and friends who are beside you to support you in every step of the process. A great deal of research and planning goes into making this big day a success. The details in consideration are intensively vast, so don't beat yourself up when everything does not go your way. Make sure to keep a checklist to simplify the process and enable you not to forget significant details along the way.

Wedding planner

The tiny details of your wedding can make your head blow up. It is best to leave your wedding in the hands of a professional. But if you feel you want to be part of it you can choose to partner with your planner. Ensure that you hire reliable wedding planners who will not fail you on your big day. It is advisable to let experts handle all the legal work for that day. At Axentika Events, we are dedicated at ensuring that any event goes well and want to have your best interest at heart. To learn more of our various services, visit our website or feel free to reach us directly through our contact details below.


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Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding should not be something that gives you sleepless nights. In fact, the entire planning period should be a time of relaxation as you are bidding bye to singlehood. You may not be sure of what awaits you in your marriage but hope for the best.

Right from the wedding venue to the cake and the honeymoon, you can plan your wedding on a very low budget. Who said that weddings must always be expensive?

Following are some few tips that can help you plan your dream wedding without spending a fortune! After all you will need the money after your wedding.

Prepare a budget and a wedding plan

It is very critical to have an idea of all the items that you will need. The budget will help you to keep control of all what will be required. Know what you have to spend, where it will come from and what you will purchase.

It will also be much easier to keep track of all the expenses. Keeping track of the budget helps in assessing the effect of any changes made because it is evident that regular modifications will have to be made now and then. The budget will, therefore, enable you to know of any changes and how to go about them. Overall, you should have a wedding plan to guide you throughout the process.

Prioritize your issues

It will be wise to sit down with your partner and discuss what you think should be given the topmost priority in your budget. Is it the food or the wedding gown, the venue or your honeymoon? Once you have your priorities set, it will be easier to know what to be given more allocation as per the budget

Wedding Location

Instead of hiring an expensive park or hotel, you can talk to a friend about a beautiful backyard and have your dream wedding at that venue. Proper selection of the wedding venue can help you in saving lots of cash. Merging your wedding venue to have both the ceremony and the reception held on the same site will also be a good idea to further save on expenses.

Wedding gown

Remember to not go overboard in wedding dress shopping. It may be easy to get carried away and lookover the price tag in order to find “The One”. However, the perfect dress does not necessarily be the most expensive so keep your choices open and you can still find the perfect dress without making a huge dent in your wallet.

Limit the number of guests

You cannot invite all your friends and relatives to your wedding. Limit the number of guests depending on your budget. Coming up with the list might be tricky as you will not be sure of whom to invite and whom to leave out. Discuss with your partner and plan to reach out to those friends whom you left out during the wedding over a cup of coffee.

Research and negotiate and make use of group buying sites

When looking out to purchase all the relevant items, it is good to bargain for the best deals. The prior research will also be necessary so that you are in a position to know where you can get the best buys but at a slightly lower cost. The bottom line is to try as much as possible to cut down on the costs so that by the end of it all you will still have some little savings.

It is also cheaper to purchase items in a group. You will have to do some thorough research on the specific companies or person giving the service that you require.

Does the day and time of the wedding matter?

Having your wedding any other day other than Saturday or Sunday could make you save some cash.

Learn from others

Seek the guidance of an expert in the management of finances to help you in the planning process. Other than for the wedding purpose, you can as well get valuable information that will help you in planning your finances once you are married.

Plan in advance for the honeymoon

If you are planning for a honeymoon at a different destination, do a thorough search of the place you are to visit. Make inquiries about the particular resort where you will be spending your first days of marriage. Have an idea of how much it will cost you but it should be within the budget.

The only way to own your wedding is to let it be the way you want. For you to always have best the memories of your wedding, just do it your way. And one thing that you should avoid at all costs is borrowing or going for a loan to service your wedding. Budget and work within your means.

Wedding planner

Planning a wedding can prove to be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are on your own. If you are busy and you require the services of a wedding planner, look for one that is reliable and will help you in achieving a budget-friendly wedding. Even if you are working on a very tight budget, there are planners that can accommodate to your needs according to your budget. At Axentika Events, we offer various wedding packages that are budget-friendly and are top-notch. From wedding decorations, to a caterer, to a professional photographer and even fun-filled programmes list. To learn more of our various services, visit our website or feel free to reach us directly through our contact details below.



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