Wedding Trends if 2018 You Would Want To Have At Your Wedding.

With the rise in the number of couples tying the knot each year, it is no surprise that the global trends that influence many stunning weddings throughout the year change quite often. What is popular this year may not be popular next year with each couple wanting to make their wedding unique and different from the rest.

Here are some trends projected from 2018 that you can plan your wedding around.


1. Non-White Wedding Dresses.

There have been a rise in the number if brides who opt for a less-traditional wedding dress that are made with non-white material. Some popular colours include blush, off-white and even bolder colours like royal purple or navy blue. If it’s what you are comfortable with, you should, by all means work with it and make your celebration unique.

Bridal Outfit from Auradel Wedding.


2. Creative Bouquets

Brides are also looking towards innovating their bouquet styles. As stylish and beautiful as traditional bouquets can get, many brides are looking for bouquets that make a statement , and that tells a unique story. You can have us to get creative with your bouquets to really stand out and to suit the wedding theme, colour or season.


3. Extravagant Floral Decorations

For couples who are all about big and glamourous weddings, having extravagant and largely lavish floral decorations are becoming trendy and if you would like to have this at your wedding, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Making your wedding a floral paradise will give your guest a wedding experience that they will remember and talk about for years to come. It will also give them plenty of opportunities to take great pictures and perhaps your wedding might even start trending on Instagram.



4. Sweet-Tooth Dessert Corners

There is no denying that most people love sweet things. Providing a cart or table laid with sweet treats like cupcakes, chocolates, fruit tarts, and other sweet-tooth satisfiers will give your guest a wonderfully sweet time at your wedding. Setting the dessert cart up as an appetizer can also give your guest a great opportunity to mingle before your ceremony can begin.

Planning your wedding may be one of the biggest decision of your life, and it is always important to make it your own, and we know that if you incorporate some of the ideas into your wedding, you will make it trendy and enjoyable for you and your guest.



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